March 22, 2015

Long Over Due Pictures

 I'm long over-due for pictures as Aragorn and I went over to Eurpose for an x-ray congress in Vienna and then a trip down to Rome.  I have over 900 pictures from the trip so I suppose my blogging will increase a bit.  It was a most fabulous trip.
 In the meantime my baby is turning into a tot rather quickly.
 We had 2 calves born in February. One survived, one didn't

 Kili eagerly awaiting a slice of Valentine's cake.
 Some of the older children went to a swing dance.
 Kili loves the velour silky feel of Eowyn's dress!
 Some mornings we awaken to a cow outside the window. Oh Joy...
 This was a bald eagle out in our field , I was too slow with the camera so he took off quicker than I could react.
 The abominable snow cutie.
 Friends' baby Katherine Rose was born the day before we left for Europe... actually she's the reason we left a day later.  Scheduled c-section and health of the mom and baby was top on our minds. Katherine was a hefty weighing in at some 9 pounds 14 oz at birth!!
 She's already 3 weeks old and weighing over 10 pounds. Sweet bundle of joy!
 Taking the pony-horse out for a spin.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We had a splendid Pontifical High Mass for Candlemas on Feb 2.  We are so blessed to have a Bishop who supports and says! the Traditional Latin Mass. Deo Gratias!

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Happy 12th Birthday Eleanor!
Yes, those are tea-candles.  We had plenty of those but no birthday candles... it works and no wax on the cake :D
She chose mint brownies for her cake.
Just a little late here as her birthday was over a month ago!
Delinquent blogger!

March 1, 2015

Hobbit DVD Release

It might be noted that the Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies DVD comes out on March 24th....  :D


After the Mass, I must again descend from the Tabor of
union with God, to the affairs of workaday life; from the
brilliant heights, where it was so good to be, to the 
darkness of this world with its dangers, its scandals, its 
temptations, and its sufferings. Stay Thou with me, O 
Lord, for the night cometh.
Dom Dominic Johner

This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased; hear Him.

Today, in the Traditional Latin Mass, the Church encourages us on our Lenten journey with the Transfiguration....

"Thus did Jesus encourage His apostles, when the time of temptation was near; He sought to impress them with His glory, that it might keep up their faith in that trying time, when the outward eye would see nothing in His Person but weakness and humiliation. Oh, the loving considerateness of Divine Grace, which is never wanting, and which shows us in so strong a light the goodness and the justice of our God! Like the Apostles, we also have sinned; like them, we have neglected to profit of the help 
that was sent us from Heaven; we have shut our eyes against the light; we have forgotten the fair vision that was granted us, and which made us so fervent and happy; and we fell. We have not, then, been tempted above our strength and it is indeed our own fault that we committed sin. The three Apostles were exposed to a terrible temptation, when they beheld their Divine Master robbed of all His majesty; but how easy for them to resist the temptation, by thinking of what they had seen, but a few days before! Instead of that, they lost their courage, and forgot prayer, which would have brought their courage back; and thus the favored witnesses for Thabor became cowards and deserters in the Garden of Mount Olivet. 

"There was but one thing left them to do: throw themselves upon the loving mercy of their Jesus, as soon as He had triumphed over His enemies; they did so, and His generous Heart pardoned them. Let us imitate them here too. We have abused the Grace of God and rendered it fruitless, by our want of correspondence. The fountain of this Grace is not yet dried up; as long as we are in this world, we may always draw from this source, which comes from the Blood and merits of our Redeemer. It is grace that is now urging us to the amendment of our lives. It is given to us in abundance during the present time, and it is given mainly by the holy exercise of Lent. Let us go up the mountain with Jesus; there we shall not be disturbed by the noise of earthly things. Let us there spend our forty days 
with Moses and Elias, who long ago sanctified this number by their fasts. Thus, when the Son of Man shall have risen from the dead, we will proclaim the favors He has mercifully granted us on Thabor."
Dom Gueranger:

February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.
Gen. 3:19

The areas to work on for these days of Lent include:

  • Voluntary Amendment of Life - curb a poor habit to form a good habit to lead one to a life of virtue and ultimately, a life of heroic virtue
  • Acts of Penance - little acts of self-denial
  • Works of Charity - little acts of kindness
  • Spiritual Reading & Meditation - good spiritual reading and taking some quiet time each day to unite oneself more firmly with God

February 5, 2015

The Black Horizon

Update: Woops, the wrong copy was uploaded to the Barnes and Nobel site... that is the un-edited copy... there have been 2 more edits since this one... ooops. If you are the *one* (literally) who ordered this book email me and we'll email you the correct copy shortly.  Ooops... 
Eowyn has published one of her books at Barnes and Nobel nook reader HERE. It costs all of 99c to get a copy to which Eowyn received 40c.

I have not yet read this book so I can't even tell you what it's about... so I better get reading it! :D

At this point, she has started writing 43 books and short stories and has finished 14 of them. Her first book was The Golden Birds. She says she gets sick just thinking about that one! Every Sunday she pleases us with a hand written newspaper "Ranger's Bow".

It might be noted that she spends much time bouncing around and around on the trampoline while conjuring up characters and plots.  A careful observer would notice the pace at which she bounces, differences in speed, height and style, indicates the level of hype in the plot or character analysis.

Prayer Request

Please pray for a friend, Julie from IL who just found out she has 2 calcified nodules on her thyroid.  In her words, I quote:
However, ultrasound shows I have two calcified nodules on my thyroid.  I am being referred to an Endocrinologist as there is higher chance of malignancy if calcified.  Please pray hard for me - health, peace for me and my family, wisdom for James and I, quick availability of the doc and good insurance coverage, wisdom for the doc, etc.

You may forward this to as many persons / prayers groups as possible.  I love my life and being a mom to my six beautiful children.  I just ask God to allow me to be a wife and mother.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband, and for that I most grateful.  James' work load is extremely heavy right now and I also ask prayers for him.

Maybe if we all storm the gates of Heaven, God in His Great Mercy, will teach and grow us, but allow me to be healthy for my family.