August 29, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for Anne Grady, mother of  friends of ours, who was in a terrible car accident in Iowa. She is in the hospital in critical condition.  Please pray!

August 16, 2014

Happy Feast of St. Joachim

 As our (small) homeschooling group is preparing to go on a pilgrimage to St. Anne's Chapel I can't help but delight also in St. Joachim, father of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

While we have no actual quotes from either St. Joachim or St. Anne, The Proto-Evangelium of James attributes the following to St. Anne after she received news from the angel that God would bless her with a child: "As my God lives, if I should conceive either a boy or a girl, the child will be a gift to my God, serving him in holiness throughout the whole of its life."
Faith Mag
Come over to me, all ye that desire me, and be filled with my fruits; for my spirit is sweet above honey. (Ecclesiasticus 24:26-27) 

August 13, 2014

New York Day 6

 We saw a Ring Wraith. I never knew they wandered through our part of the wood.
 Another day at Sister#2's place where she was staying.

Hoffman Coneys and Hot Dogs can't be beat.... if you can eat a hot dog that is.
 Such a beautiful part of the world!
 Excuse my finger... gotta get used to this camera/phone thing.
 We were happily united with Frodo and Aragorn after they had a rather "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" style adventure to get to NY.
 Kili telling Daddy how good the tiny little rocks taste.

 I think he will probably be a plumber....
... or a beached seal...
 ... or an architech.

 Only one injury during "Red Rover"... who in their right mind would ever call Sam? Oh... Frodo, of course.

 We had a splendid catered meal from Vernak Farms for dinner of Antipasti, crusty-chewy bread, vegetable lasagna and ginger chicken.

 Aunt Phoebe who is always of great and creative gift ideas... as well as a fabulous singer... business card to be posted soon... in the event you live in Southern California and need a joyful, funny entertainer.
 Yeah.... gonna get rid o' the bottle soon as possible....

 The Baby Aunt and her husband.
The ever competing tots

 All the cousins
 Grandma (my mom) doling out the ice cream with the wedding anniversary scoop
 Uncle Bagel taking over the scooping.
 Grandpa (my dad) and the Baby Aunt... who is closer to me in age than to her sister. We are only 12 years apart.

 Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes
 Our God daughter (and niece)

 Marigold making a friend... and conniving extra scoops of ice cream...

 Mom and her sisters.
 An old cookbook with a "dust jacket" of mom and vice-president Nixon after she won the state home economics something-or-other... I need to get that story straight.

All the girls, Mom and aunts in the front, us kids in the back.  Missing are my 2 cousins... girls... of course.